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Business Intelligence RFI/RFP Template

Quickly and easily gather your BI system requirements, prepare your RFI and RFP, and also evaluate vendor responses


This ‘Business Intelligence (BI) RFI/RFP Template’ covers nearly everything you need for gathering BI system requirements, preparing your RFI and RFP (for issue to software vendors) and for evaluating and comparing vendor responses. The BI RFI/RFP Template will:


Save you time identifying and gathering your software system requirements because thousands of carefully researched criteria are listed. Simply choose those you need and set their priorities. Then quickly prepare your RFI and RFP, by just filling in the blanks. And as everything is in MS Excel, it’s quick and easy to amend to your precise needs.


Save you effort as you don’t have to start from scratch. The template reduces the effort involved with specifying requirements and preparing RFI’s and RFP’s.


The standardised format also helps software vendors to more clearly understand your requirements and more easily respond to each requirement, using the space available within the template. So you will receive clearer and improved responses. And consequently, spend less time and effort evaluating and comparing vendor responses.


Save you money as you can use the template yourself. There’s no need for extra staff or resources to help you gather your requirements or prepare your RFI or RFP.


Moreover, the template supports your overall project cost control. It will help you to focus your attention on your real business needs and software selection tasks, rather than considering vanity criteria or wasting time looking at inappropriate software.


Help you to select the right system by providing clarity and transparency. You can see your requirements, easily evaluate and compare vendor responses and so identify the best solution for your organisation.